Sunday, 4 September 2011

Highlights of Chaos 2011

I have now attended 4 or 5 Chaos Weekends and I helped in the Peace Tent again this year. I think the Peace tent offered those attending Chaos Weekend, somewhere fun and different to hang out for a few hours. Some people never leave! This year it became the only tent running after the weather meant the Greenman tent was closed for everyone's safety. Greenman MCC have always promoted the ‘all are welcome’ party ethos and actively encouraged us to rosta live bands, storytellers and comedians that would not usually play a more traditional motorcycle festival. Every year we have tried to give them something different and this year we did 'em proud! Here are five of my favourite moments from the Peace Tent last:’

1)   Playing my trombone alongside DJ Sephira (Jersey’s MerKaba Tribe)

2)   Meeting the Rat-bikers, who had ridden all the way from Spain.  Playing Gypsy Techno for some of their Ibérico Ham.

3)   Having a dance off with James Le Huray from Tonight The Skies and trying to lip-read Hollie during their set!

4)   The Inevitable Pinhole Burns’ storming set

5)   Kieran Smale’s Big Smiles and Brilliant Tunes