Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Peace Tent Line Up @ Chaos Music Festival Guernsey

Here is the latest version of the Line - Up for this years Peace Tent @ Chaos 2010.

✿ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ PEACE TENT ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ✿
13:00:00 Vraic Beard
14:00:00 DJ Karmaloji
15:00:00 Jamie Lee
16:00:00 David Jones
17:00:00 Open Mic
18:00:00 LifeJacket
19:00:00 Hegarata Fugu
20:00:00 Infrasonic
21:00:00 DJ Ray Marshall
22:00:00 DJ Ray Marshall > DJ Frinc
23:00:00 DJ Frinc – Followed by The Nick Mann Early
Morning Blues Explosion & 'Poems and Purgatory
with Dave'

Midday Open Mic
13:00:00 Silas the Asyrian Assassin
14:00:00 James Dumbleton
15:00:00 Rob Hunter
16:00:00 Rhianna Sanchez
17:00:00 Lydia Pugh
18:00:00 Jamie Lee
19:00:00 Mike Meinke
20:00:00 Yoshis Wobbly Hour
21:00:00 Special Guest
22:00:00 Special Guest > PsyLobster
23:00:00 PsyLobster

♫♫♫ SUNDAY ♫♫♫
11:00:00 CRAMPS O'CLOCK!!!! (YAY!)
Midday Open Mic
13:00:00 Dizzie Rachael
14:00:00 Fuzzy Group
15:00:00 Lobster Karaoke
16:00:00 Malice
16:30:00 Mocaf & Guydon
17:00:00 Songs in the Key of G
18:00:00 Capo Rushes
19:00:00 Neil Shinfirkle
20:00:00 Fanghole
21:00:00 G

+ bar 'n spoken word 'n poetry 'n 24 hour random coffee 'n toasties 'n ninjabreadmen 'n raw chocolate brownies 'n 'THE BOX' (eeeeeek!) 'n time machine 'n stretchy stuff 'n lots of random fun under UV lights. ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶

Giant game of Shi*head Sunday afternoon, (poss. Sat afternoon too!) join the group for rules and please bring a pack of cards if you want to play.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sark Line up for 2010

Sark Folk Festival 2010

Lineup includes:
6 Day Riot
Belles & Broomsticks
Big Sheep
Chris Walden
Colette Esteves
Ernie Rosquet
Ewan McLennan
Folk on 2
James Dumbelton
Jenkins Ear
Leddra Chapman
Les Dieses
Lydia Jane
Mary Hampton
McGhee - Spoelstra
Penny on a String
Phil Capper
Ruth Notman
Scots John
Space Pirates of Rocquaine
Terry McDonald
The Barley Dogs
The Coalbox Generals
The John Wesley Stone
Trio Peron-Hopkins-Mc Carthy
Whose Shoes