Saturday, 25 June 2011

Peace Tent on Tour - a Warm up for Chaos 2011

Another bit of news from the Peace Tent facebook group

We have looked into the future can see that a Peace Tent shaped wormhole is going to open in the Fountain Street area @ approx 7pm on 25th June.

Expected consequences from this event are difficult to predict but may very well take the form of throwback 90's DJ and compere for the evening Dave Miller along with Lydia Pugh, Rob Hunter playing melodic awesomeness and Claire Thomas entertaining you with spoken word groovyness.

Downstairs PsyLobster and Alex Psymons will be Shpongling along in an exceptionally quiet and mellow way (seriously!) early on to give the guys upstairs some time to enjoy themselves but then moving into full on psychedelic attack formation from 10pm

Expect the night to start mellow and descend into full on Chaos!

The usual coffee, toasties, stretchiness and UV are all expected to survive the trip.

Space invaders and aliens welcome.

The guys from the Greenman will be there too with Chaos Weekend tickets, will be your last chance to get them at the bargain advance price of £15